Dr. Tommaso Fabio Conforti

Advisory Member

Dr. Conforti is an entrepreneur, owner & founder YNS, an IT Company with more than 20 years of experience in the digitalization of industrial processes with tailor-made web-oriented solutions, based on open source systems, to ensure maximum interoperability between the various platforms.

The custom products support a clientele that ranges from the production lines of the clothing industry, passing through the incoming tourism sector, up to the management of international fairs and events.

Alongside a school education in classical studies, He has always cultivated the knowledge of digital technologies applied to marketing and communication and this double training and acquisition of skills has contributed significantly to creating the solid network of collaborations in a wide range of areas.

Decisive for this open-mindedness were his Swiss origins, for the sense of organization, rigor and fairness and on the other side, thanks to his father, for the overwhelming soul of Florence, cradle of culture and constant stimulus to raise one’s knowledge. Thanks to this double soul, alongside the various entrepreneurial activities, He has cultivated over the years the care and support of many cultural activities and non-profit associations aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness of the importance of respect for interculturality.