Reference # 20090

Aesthetic Surgery

Pioneers in the field of cosmetic surgery, with years of experience and a deep understanding of aesthetics. Our team of surgeons possesses an innate sense of beauty and can be trusted to deliver exceptional results that enhance your natural features.


Reference # 20089

Leading Construction Companies

With expertise ranging from towering skyscrapers to complex underground infrastructure, our team is equipped to tackle construction projects of all sizes and challenges. We are committed to meeting the evolving demands of the industry and delivering exceptional results.


Reference # 20087

International Logistics

Our services cover all aspects of a robust supply chain, enabling you to enhance your agility and optimize shipping processes. We provide a range of solutions, including third-party logistics (3PL), container services, and automated customs clearance and brokerage.

Investment Advisory

Reference # 20073

Residency & Citizenship

We are a top residency and citizenship advisory firm in the Middle East and Africa, known for our exceptional service, streamlined procedures, and commitment to transparency.

Legal & Consultancy

Reference # 20076

Global Legal Firm

Specializing in private capital, serving at the crossroads of individual, familial, and commercial interests.

Aviation Consultancy

Reference # 20078

Award-Winning Consulting Firm

Solutions are customized, innovative, and strategic to meet the ever-changing demands of the highly competitive aviation sector. Our objective is to ensure a profitable and sustainable future for this industry through our comprehensive services and expertise.

Joint Venture

Reference # 20085

Business Brand Acceleration

Offers a personalized approach to brands looking to expand into new markets, leveraging its global expertise and network to deliver optimal results.

Legal & Consultancy

Reference # 20212

International Business Law Firm

We offer legal advice on M&A transactions, corporate and business law, labor law, energy and climate change law, tax law, and commercial disputes. Our services also include company establishments, investments, and business ventures for national and international clients.


Reference # 20101

Management & Education Consultancy

Your go-to partner for business solutions, training, and education in the UAE. Our services range from advising on business set-up plans to providing HR, payroll, and talent management support, as well as in-house training, curriculum development, and talent requisition. We connect our clients to the right sources and offer a wide range of solutions to promote your business growth in the UAE.

Management Consultancy

Reference # 20213

Consulting & Training Company

An Italy and Singapore-based consulting and training company with expertise in Business Development. We share our knowledge with various businesses across different sectors gained from years of work with our clients worldwide.

Legal & Consultancy

Reference # 20115

Global Law Firm

Global law firm with 48 offices in 12 countries and a reputation for excellence, innovation, and teamwork. With a tech-enabled and distributed model, Rimon is able to provide greater efficiency and collaboration to clients.


Reference # 20130

International Management Services

Dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience to help your business thrive. Our proven track record demonstrates that effective collaboration and clear communication can enhance your bottom line.

Law Firm

Reference # 20111

Excellent Law Firm

The company strives for excellence by proactively anticipating client needs, setting industry standards, and creating innovative solutions.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101001

Impact Ventures

Funding Stages – Start-up | expansion financing (later stage-VC)

Pan-European impact VC fund that oversees a total of €150 million in investments. Our main objective is to support exceptional impact-driven businesses that provide innovative solutions to pressing social issues.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101005

Public and Private Capital

Funding Stages – Seed | Start-up | Growth | Innovation | MBO/MBI

Provided funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups in the region through a combination of public and private capital from various funds that we manage.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101003

Crowdfunding Debt Platform

Funding Stages – Small to medium-sized, big enterprises

Enables individuals to invest in sustainable projects around the world, with a minimum investment of just E 50. By pooling their resources, ordinary citizens can support future-oriented initiatives that promote sustainability and positive social impact.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101004

Positive Investment Performance

Funding Stages – Start-up | early stage | expansion | MBO/MBI

Top destination for venture capital and equity investments. Our focus is on enhancing the economy by strategically investing in promising companies that are innovative, growth-oriented, and have significant potential.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101002

Independent Corporate Venture

Funding Stages – Seed to series B

Autonomous corporate venture is to expedite the advancement of the chemical industry. We achieve this by investing in emerging companies and funds that offer groundbreaking technologies and game-changing business models.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101015

Early-Stage Venture Capital Company

Funding Stages – All early stage


Investment focus is centered on high-growth companies that operate at the intersection of business and technological innovation. We prioritize investment in companies led by passionate and highly skilled professionals who are pursuing progress in technology, consumer, healthcare, and clean-tech markets.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101007

Seed and Start-up Financing

Funding Stages – Pre-seed | seed | early stage


Independent equity investor, managed by experienced professionals. We invest in exceptional individuals, potential breakthrough innovations, enabling technologies, and superior solutions.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101011

Leading Venture Capital Firms

Funding Stages – Pre-Seed | Seed | Series A


Specialize in investing in innovative, high-potential companies, providing support throughout various phases of their life cycle. Our own capital ensures a consistently solid financial structure.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101014

Disruptive Businesses Growth

Funding Stages – Early/Growth Stage + Angel/Seed Programme

Core mission is to discover and invest in disruptive businesses that are empowered by technology, and which are led by exceptional entrepreneurs. We aim to not only provide the necessary financing but also offer support throughout the growth stages of these businesses, regardless of their location or elsewhere in the world.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101006

Measurable Social Impact

Funding Stages – Growth and expansion stage after market entry

Provides support to companies that have a social or ecological mission, and are able to generate a measurable positive impact through a proven and scalable business model.

Family Business

Reference # 101010

Family-Owned Capital

Funding Stages – Seed | early stage | expansion | MBO

Actively seek out innovative technology companies that have significant potential for growth, as well as buyout opportunities in the lower mid-market. We are able to invest as a lead or as a co-investor. In addition to investing our family-owned capital, our team of experienced specialists with diverse backgrounds provides active support to our portfolio companies.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101008

Deep-Tech Investments

Funding Stages – Later/early stage | expansion | high-tech mid-sized enterprises

Venture capital investor led by entrepreneurs, that concentrates on deep-tech companies in their early to growth stages. We invest our own funds in the fields of sustainability, enterprise software, cybersecurity, IoT, and new materials.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101009

Private Investment Company

Funding Stages – Seed | Start-Up


Provides seed and start-up financing for innovative technology firms. Our special area of expertise is in the financial structuring of spin-offs from corporations and technological-scientific institutions.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101013

Technology Capital

Funding Stages – Seed | Early Stage


Provides mentoring, seed, and early-stage financing with a specific focus on rejuvenation biotech. Our team members have been entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and mentors in high-growth tech and biotech companies for many years, with numerous exits and substantial value created for the founders. We now leverage this experience to support the emerging field of rejuvenation biotech.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101012

High-Tech Start-Ups in Digital Tech

Funding Stages – Seed


Finance start-ups that have high potential and are driven by technology. Our focus is on high-tech start-ups in digital tech, industrial technology, life sciences, chemistry, and other related business areas.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101016

Convertible Loan

Funding Stages – Early | middle and later stages


Our equity products are designed to align with the lifecycles of the companies we invest in. Our convertible loan program specifically targets young, innovative companies in their early stages of development. This program aims to double the initial funding invested in start-ups by business angels at the same terms and conditions, providing much-needed support and resources to help these companies grow and reach their full potential.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101020

Innovative Medical Investment

Funding Stages – Growth capital & SMEs/mid tier: opening up new markets | succession planning | financing scaling and product expansion

Focus is on investing in innovative companies within the life science and medical technology sectors. Through our investments, we aim to help shape the respective healthcare segments or support them in their further expansion.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101021

Professional for Equity Financing

Funding Stages – Seed and start-up | expansion | replacement capital | MBI/MBO | corporate succession


Specialize in investing in small and medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential. Our investments have a long-term focus and aim to support sustainable corporate development.

Family Business

Reference # 101019

Entrepreneurial Family

Funding Stages – Focus on growth capital | typically Series A to Series C



Our investment focus is twofold, centered on capital market investments and direct corporate investments in Digital Commerce, FinTech, and SaaS.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101017

B2B Software Fund

Funding Stages – Series A, B and C in revenue generating companies



Specializes in investing in innovative revenue-generating B2B software companies, particularly those utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. With a proven track record of success, our seasoned team of investment professionals, senior executives, and entrepreneurs has a strong presence in both Europe and Israel. We are committed to supporting companies with disruptive technologies and a clear path to profitability.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101025

Global Pharmaceutical Capital

Funding Stages – Venture Capital / Growth Capital

Over 35 years of experience in providing capital to global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical technology industries. With over €1.3 billion in assets under management, we focus is on investing in early-stage drug candidates and companies that are dedicated to innovation in their respective markets.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101018

Venture Capital Platform

Funding Stages – Seed & Early Stage


Our aim is to establish the leading venture capital platform in USA that focuses on transformative technologies for the real estate industry. We capitalize on the megatrends of digitalization, modernization, and sustainability/ESG to create value in this sector.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101022

Asset and Investment Management

Funding Stages – Seed to Series B


Focuses on real assets in the real estate and infrastructure sectors, as well as real estate-related technology companies such as start-ups. Our company is experiencing strong growth and success.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101023

Technology-Driven Start-Ups Capital

Funding Stages – Early stage and start-up


Specializing in supporting knowledge-based and technology-driven start-ups. As a leading investor in the seed and start-up stages, we provide venture capital and management support to teams. Additionally, our investment enables access to a network of further investors in our fund.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101024

Biotech Investment

Funding Stages – Seed | Start-up

Specializes in early-stage investments in biotech companies, typically ranging between € 0.2 million and € 0.5 million in size

Venture Capital

Reference # 101026

European B2B Start-Ups Capital

Funding Stages – Early stage

We are a American-based venture capital firm that specializes in investing in early-stage European B2B start-ups focusing on enterprise software, industrial technologies, and mobility. Our fund typically provides initial investments ranging between €0.5m and €10m, with a total investment capacity of up to €30m per company.

Venture Capital

Reference # 101027

Largest Climate Tech Fund

Funding Stages – Seed to Series B

We are a climate tech VC fund, and currently the largest in Middle East. Our primary objective is to invest €350 million in purpose-driven founders who are building innovative climate tech solutions that can reduce at least 100 Mt CO2-emissions annually. We look for investment opportunities from the Seed to Series B stages, and across various industries such as energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation, food, and agriculture.

Family Business

Reference # 101028

Private Family Fund

Funding Stages – Seed | start-up | expansion

Family business that has been a significant venture capital fund in Europe since 2005. They invest in high-growth technology startups in Europe and Israel and provide strategic partnership and mentorship to the companies they invest in.

Venture Capital

Reference # 20202 / PL

Group of Companies

Funding Stages – Growth and expansion stage after market entry

Diversified portfolio of companies based in Middle East and Southeast Asia, expanding through various industries including financial services, education, design consultancy, and project management.

Venture Capital

Reference # 20107

Global Early-Stage Investment Firm

We are a global, early-stage investment firm that specializes in supporting technology ventures in the sports industry. Our mission is to empower startups with the tools and resources they need to thrive in this dynamic field.

Healthcare Technology

Reference # 20109

Augmented implantation

This treatment aims to alleviate pain and promote bone healing by revitalizing the bone, allowing for the repair of the bone and providing nutrients to the surrounding soft tissue.


Reference # 20075

Unbreachable Cyber Secuirty

Our company develops impregnable and boundless security solutions to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the world’s critical industries and infrastructures.

AI Technology

Reference # 20080

Damage Detection Technology

System allows you to monitor the real-time status of your fleet and access a timeline of each vehicle’s physical condition history. Additionally, our AI-driven damage detection technology is strategically placed along your fleet’s route to provide critical insights.

computer software

Reference # 20084

Web-Based Business Tools

Our exceptional software suite revolutionizes the way you operate, providing unparalleled capabilities. Regardless of your business size, we’ve developed this suite with a focus on privacy, giving you peace of mind.

Venture Capital

Reference # 20108

World’s Leading Benefit Program

The App provides a convenient way to collect benefits in-store at our Partners. Simply scan your receipts within the app using the Scan & Go feature after making a purchase. You can also use the app’s radius search or search feature to locate nearby partners.

Glass Manufacturing

Reference # 20106

Leading Manufacturer of Clear Glass

Stands out as the sole company in the Middle East to offer such a diverse range of products, with a client base that extends across Western and Eastern markets. Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned us a reputation as a leader in the glass industry.

Venture Capital

Reference # 20110

Economic Integration

We specialize in identifying startups with innovative technologies and partner with corporations and government agencies to leverage their innovation.


Reference # 20112

Largest Healthcare Facility

Leading hospital dedicated to clinical research, innovation, and patient care. They share their knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals, governments, and medical institutions to provide patients everywhere with hope without boundaries.


Reference # 20118

Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Specialize in laboratory equipment and furniture, offering supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services. Our highly qualified technical experts provide specific applications, solutions, educative workshops, product demonstrations, and customer training.

Healthcare Technology

Reference # 20119

All-in-One Biometric Device

We transform digital health by bringing healthcare to your home with AI-driven insights and keeping you connected to your caregivers, reimagining the future of healthcare.


Reference # 20121

Latest Generation Solar Solution

A Swiss company focused on PV power generation, controlling the entire value chain to produce electricity at the lowest possible cost.


Reference # 20123

Smartest Learning Platform

Our AI-powered gamification platform enables measurable return on knowledge, making learning more fun and effective for employees.