Maria Hall

Member of the Board

Maria B. Hall is a British Inter-Cultural Expert and Middle Eastern Protocol Advisor and has extensive experience working for and with international corporations in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as a Consultant working with VIP’s, C-suite executives, and middle level management for over 25 years possessing extensive knowledge on Business  Operations  Management  with   focus   on  International  Protocols  and   Inter Cultural development. She has specialized corporate expertise in International Protocol & Etiquette, Leadership Styles, Inter-Cultural Communications, Operations, Psychometrics and Business Consultancy in the Middle East.

Her roles and responsibilities have included being an International Protocol & Etiquette Consultant, Bank Operations Manager, Psychometric Assessor, Legal & Compliance Manager, and Relationship Management consulting in the industries of banking, aviation, education, hospitality and legal, as well as working directly with royal princesses (Al Saud and Al Sudairy) of Saudi Arabia, Sheikha from Sharjah, a renowned VIP gentleman from Dubai and presently renowned Family Offices in the context of consulting and advisory.

Maria has extensive knowledge on all things related to Middle Eastern business Protocols & Etiquette, Cultural Awareness, with a keen interest in Islamic protocols, Maria, a fluent Arabic speaker, has significant experience as an official expert and main point of contact for visiting USA and European Presidents, members of the Saudi and UAE Royal Family, Gulf Ministers and international VIP dignitaries. Maria has since progressed into the field of corporate development, providing consultations, advisory for business executives or family offices  She equips her clients with the correct Cultural skills and insights that elevate client’s business negotiations; global workforce cooperation;  and intercultural communications for a successful entry into the GCC market.

Maria recently was one of the panel of experts in the International Protocol field at a Protocol and Law event in United Kingdom January 2021 and again received an award from the sheikh of Ras Al Khaimah for worldwide top educators back in 2020. She also pioneered, led and steered the design of psychometric testing in Arabic with sensitivities to Middle Eastern cultural and religious constraints. She has produced a mini “What to do and taboo in the Middle East” book and training presentations such as Tesla (Holland) and Commerzbank  which are still being referenced.

Maria is from the Wirral, UK, she has strong ties to Italy. She has lived in Denver, USA, residing in Dubai (presently for 13 years) previously Saudi Arabia (14 years). She is based out of Dubai to serve her clients throughout the Gulf countries and Levant.