Mario Boselli

Advisory Member

In august 1959, he started his career entering the family-run Company, the Carlo Boselli of Garbagnate Monastero, with a long tradition in Silk production field. In 1586, the silk reeling activity was already carried on in this place by the Corbetta Family, after a marriage the activity of silk production passed under the control of the Butti Family, and then to the Boselli Family. In 1894, the grandfather Carlo Antonio Pietro Maria Boselli, made a new and important development to the silk reeling activity by introducing the industrial throwing. In 1956 Carlo Boselli, father of Mario Boselli, a great innovator, introduce the production of synthetic yarns by means of various technologies. During all the years ’70, ’80 and ’90, and at the beginning of the new millennium, Mario Boselli considerably expanded the industrial activity, in Italy as well as abroad (Slovak Republic) and while carrying on the silk business, he completed the range of activities in several textiles fields, first of all in the base sectors like knitting, up to the ready-to-wear garments. After more than 42 years, in 2005 he left the family company for new charges.