Marlene Murphy

Member of the Advisory Board

Marlene Murphy is a banking and finance professional and a qualified project management practitioner with 25 years wealth of experience and success in running corporate finance, finance transformation and global standardization programs, treasury, banking supervision and examination and large-scale business finance projects. Her former employers included multi-national Fortune 500 Companies such as Allied Banking Corporation, American Express International, British American Tobacco and Federal Monetary Authority, Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

An award-winning social leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and women empowerment advocate. Marlene is the founder of The Artepreneurs Group, a social enterprise digital media interactive creative agency focused in transforming brands to become socially and environmentally responsible. Leveraging in the power of arts to act as a catalyst of change, growth and transformation of entrepreneurs in the creative industry. In addition, she is a Managing Partner of CliqoShop/Cliqo Exclusives, an e-commerce general trading platform supporting SMEs and sustainable eco-friendly products.

Marlene also founded and the President of the Philippines Partnership Circle, formed Under   the Patronage of the Office of the Philippines Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, a not-for-profit organization primarily focused on promoting bilateral relations between the Philippines and United Arab Emirates as well as international communities by building meaningful linkages through cultural diplomacy. She is formerly a Director of Education of the Philippine Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates, Panelist-Mentor of the ADM Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship and Panelist-Mentor and honoree of the IWIN 12 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Women of the UAE-Africa Business Group, Diplomatic World Ambassador to the Asia Pacific Region. Marlene is currently an International Partner of WBAF World Business Angels Forum and Board Member of a global entrepreneur’s platform not-for-profit Organization Willow Thrive.

Further to all her accomplishment, she is a recipient of multitude of excellence awards in leadership, entrepreneurship, arts & multiculturalism, Innovation, achievement, charitable initiatives and women empowerment, conferred by private and government authorities.