Mitch Lowe

Member of the Advisory Board

Mitch joined Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph when Netflix was just an idea. In 1997, Mitch served as Netflix’s Entertainment Domain Expert and as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances until 2003. Mitch was responsible for many of the subscriber acquisition programs during Netflix’s first 5 years. In the year following Netflix’s successful IPO Mitch was recruited to join McDonalds Ventures to explore adding Movie Rental Kiosks to McDonalds restaurants in the US.
By mid 2003 Mitch was COO and later became President of Redbox LLC. As Mitch had at Netflix being a part of the small team that devised the Netflix subscription model at Redbox he helped create the $1 a night kiosk program and led the company’s growth from 6 kiosks to 35k kiosks and $1.5B in annual revenue in 2011. Continuing his influence in the entertainment retail industry, in June of 2016, Mitch came on as CEO of Moviepass. Moviepass was a theater-based subscription service that could be described as “Netflix for the movie theater.” Mitch has made many personal investments in start-ups primarily in the entertainment media and social media spaces.
Mitch has served on many public and giving initiatives including Rock the Vote, The Charles Tillman Fund, President of the Videos Software Dealers Association, President of the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce, a Cub Scout Den Leader, and manager of his kids Little League Baseball teams.