Prof. Paul Robert Vogt, MD

Global Ambassador of The Abrahamic Business Circle

Dr. Vogt is a professor of Cardiovascular Surgery and Director of the Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of cardiovascular surgery, he was able to acquire a wealth of experience in more than 11,500 operations. This enables him to perform even the most difficult interventions on the heart, on the main artery in the chest and abdominal area, on the heart valves and on the coronary arteries, with the greatest possible safety for the patient.

Through the many years of work at the University Hospital Zurich or as the Medical Director of the cardiac surgery department of the University Clinic Giessen-Marburg, Dr. Vogt was able to optimally care for patients with cardiovascular surgical diseases. His experience is complemented by my surgical work in 14 countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, which he has done over the last 20 years within the framework of the “EurAsia Heart – A Swiss Medical Foundation” that he founded and which covers adult surgery, pediatric heart surgery and also include surgery for congenital heart defects in adults.

The foundation is focused on training and education in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery of neonates, children and adults and is mainly active in Armenia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. On request of the governments, EurAsia Heart educates the medical personnel in these countries in their own departments delivering abroad what is hardest to learn: practical knowledge, technical skills and its implementation on the operating table as well as the intensive care unit.

In recent years, the Foundation has grown exponentially working abroad now for more than 20 years. EurAsia Heart Foundation performed more than 4660 surgeries and consulted more than 22’600 patients and has become a “global player”. The Foundation achieved to be a strong representative of Switzerland, which in turn has led to numerous other requests and international projects.