Director at Nakheel

I am impressed by the whole event, it was of a high caliber, it was serious, it was prosperous, and for many of us “profitable” in both personal value and monetary value. The selection of people tailored to suit the event induces success and prosperity. I connected with many people with intrinsic minds and business is happening.

CEO & Owner of BNAYAHU Strategy and Consulting Ltd.
FMR Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson.

The ABC organization, founded and led by Dr. Raphael Nagel, succeeds in opening doors within the countries of the Middle East and the Gulf and between them to the rest of the world.
There is great potential in the organization to promote business and I am proud to be a part of it.

CEO at Your Home Dubai/NBF, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Thank you for an extraordinary event which I find very informative and useful , and special thanks to His Excellency Dr. Raphael Nagel.

Founder and CEO, Beyond The Analytics

Great platform to grow your network and your business. Highly recommended. I was lucky to meet the right individuals there to capture an opportunity.

Faculty| Academic Researcher | Entrepreneur

Thanks to THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE that I was able to make new business contacts and I was able to close many deal. I encourage businesses to join the circle for many future opportunities

Keter Gallery · Freelance

Had the opportunity to meet and connect with high caliber individuals from a variety of fields.
Everything ABC conference I participated (Dubai, Zurich and Israel) has been an excellent experience which presented many opportunities.
Dr. Raphael Nagel (LL.M.) is a role model for promoting the values of peace and tolerance through business.

Ambassador of Grenada to the State of Israel

It is my honour and pleasure to be a part of such an important organization. Thank-you, Dr. Nagel for all you do to advance understanding and friendship between nations.

Owner, BQ10

I find this opportunity to thank The ABRAHAM BUSINESS CIRCLE. Your organization were able to make new business contacts and further more, able to close a deal.

M&A Partner at Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co. Advocates – Israel

We at EBN & CO – Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co. With Hamburger Evron are proud to be long standing members of the THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE. Thanks to our membership we were fortunate to create and cultivate new business connections, including on the #UAE-Israel front, generate deals and strengthen existing collaborations. Dr. Raphael Nagel is a real connector of people and leads the forum with great talent. Looking forward to a long lasting partnership.

CEO & Head – Dubai Campus , S P Jain School of Global Management

As an advisory board member of The Abrahamic Business Circle, I have witnessed personally how the community presents a plethora of benefits to its members by serving as a unique platform that fosters international relations, enhances economic prosperity, and encourages innovation. By being part of this high-profile network, professionals can expand their business horizons and collaborate with a diverse range of people from the historic Abrahamic traditions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This circular community stimulates meaningful conversations, cross-border commerce and facilitates opportunities for investment, enabling members to tap into a global market and leverage shared cultural heritage to bridge any gaps. Further, it offers access to an array of resources, including regular networking events, insightful panel discussions, and educational seminars, thus equipping members with the latest business trends and strategies. Ultimately, a prestigious membership in the Abrahamic Business Circle is a powerful tool for personal and corporate growth, promoting mutual respect, understanding, and prosperity across diverse cultures and regions.

Chairman/Chief Scientist at the “Family of Israel Foundation”

I was overjoyed that the Abrahamic Business Circle held its first conference in Israel, the home of our forefather Abraham and hope there will be many more. The Family of Israel Foundation and BioChar Israel wish to thank Dr. Raphael Nagel and the entire Business Circle team for putting together a first-class event that is just going to get better and better every time. It was also great to see old friends as well as make many new ones. We are very proud to be VIP members and ambassadors of this amazing forum for economic diplomacy. It is a model and example for others to follow. We encourage everyone to join our growing family of the Abrahamic Business Circle.

Global Strategic Consultant with a proven track record

There is a special joy one gets when you are a part of something that grows beyond your expectations.
That is how I felt today at THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE event at the Hilton Tel Aviv & The Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv. As one of the first Advisory Board members to join Dr. Raphael Nagel in establishing this organization, it is amazing to see how we have grown since our early events in Dubai. The organization has members from around the world and has spread its wings beyond the Middle East. Today’s event proved that the experiment worked and that the best way to make peace is through personal connections which often grow through mutual business interests. I look forward to our continued growth and prosperity in the coming years. Thank you to Ambassador Khaled Yousif Al Jalahma, Yigal I. Unna, Ambassador Alvin Schonfeld and so many others who made today’s event so special.

General Manager (EMEA), Navitas

Professional networks are key to doing business in the Middle East and the ABC is an excellent platform to connect with industry experts. Thank you Dr. Raphael Nagel for the kind invitation, I’ve benefitted greatly from the outstanding connections to dignitaries and education professionals and I look forward to September.

Hon. Consul off Sierra Leone in Belgium

Again I will be present, in London we find good interesting investment opportunities and new partners to let grow the business, Dubai will be greater.

Founder & CEO, The Artepreneurs

Congratulations THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE on your incredible success! Thank you for the many remarkable triumphs you have supported us to achieve by cultivating impactful business and investment partnerships with high-calibre investors and altruistic leaders led by Dr. Raphael Nagel in your robust global platform. Moreover, grateful to receive consistently from your network valuable insights and mentorship from the industry experts that have opened doors for tremendous opportunities especially for professionals and entrepreneurs. More power!

CEO, Senior Global Affairs Advisor, Int’l Columnist, Author. Former Envoy of the Catalan Gov to Austria & Central Europe

I will always be thankful to THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE and

Dr. Raphael Nagel for their hospitality, positive mindset and business driven way of detecting opportunities and letting them become a reality. In recent years, I have met new colleagues and made new friends through the ABC, which also brought to decisive leads for my own little business. I would always recommend the Abrahamic Business Circle to anyone.

Executive Partner at H Capital Ventures

It is hard to express in writing my feelings about the THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE, run by my dear friend, Dr. Raphael Nagel and his incredibly dedicated team. I have made so many business contacts from the numerous International conferences, but to me even more importantly is the relationships and friendships that have resulted from them as well.

Us And Israeli Attorney – Zell And Aron
Global Ambassador The Abrahamic Busness Circle

The Abrahamic Business Circle has been an exceptional platform to meet high caliber business partners from so many countries throughout the world I am proud and grateful to serve as Global Ambassador . My involvement since it’s inception resulted in meeting trustworthy business partners and closing solid deals . Bravo to the founders for exceptional leadership and remarkable vision.

Executive Director at UAE-UK Business Council

I attended the last Abrahamic Business Circle event in London in June. Such a great event – I met a really interesting range of business leaders and thought leaders and have continued having a dialogue with several of them since. The unique convening power of these round tables is a compelling reason to attend

Strategic Project Manager International Business Development Manager
Morals General Contracting L.L.C

I thank the Abrahamic Business Circle and my friend Raphael Nagel, because through the March 2023 event at the One &Only in Dubai, I was able to meet the right partner to start my new business project on the Space Economy, which is the new and biggest business of the third millennium.
Participating in the round tables for investors of the Abrahamic Business Circle is always a great experience and one that offers serious and concrete growth and business opportunities.

Co-founder and CEO at HechicerIA

When I am with family I feel I can be myself, tell my story, be heard and valued. This is how I feel when I am with my team at HechicerIA and Shintek and when I attend at THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE event. It has been an honor to be part of Roundtable Tel-Aviv, supporting the event with our developments and knowledge about artificial intelligence applied to video, film, videogames and VR. I look forward to the next amazing meeting in Dubai. Thank you very much for the great work you do. For us, it was also a very special event from which we got invaluable contacts that we will it make profitable in the coming weeks

Managing Director at Fourstar EC Investments

In less than a year of been part of the ABC I expanded significantly my International network, at a very high level. Thanks to the ABC I’m working now with new partners and clients from the Middle East and Europe in different areas such as Biotech, Green Mobility, Real Estate and Mining. I found in the ABC, besides a new family, a very professional trustworthy structure that changed dramatically my way of doing business. Thank you dear friend Raphael for your advices and introductions and to all the ABC team.

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member at Davensi

It was a memorable gathering with memorable encounters. We were literally out of seat and I did not feel unwell at all not to have one, even as a speaker. Because the quality of the people you meet makes you feel so well. Thanks for the treat THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE!

Decentralizing the Internet at FutureEcom / Entrepreneur and Attorney

I can begin by saying that I was very much surprised by the prominence of the participants. Not only did I network with business owners from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, I was also privileged to discuss e-commerce opportunities with a number of dignitaries including the ambassadors of Grenada and Vietnam themselves.

President & CEO Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

It was so fascinating to receive that award and be recognized that way. A truly great feeling of achievement.

BD Senior Manager, Food Division, NEOM! 

Due to Rafa, his team, contacts and skill I managed to close out a deal a few years ago: the ABC is the bee’s knees.

Nakheel Senior Manager – Technical Production

Congratulations to Dr. Raphael Nagel and organizers of THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE, this was a very well organized event provoking interesting and meaningful dialogue, while opening the room to establish new connections. A first visit for me, a very insightful experience, broadening my awareness and network both from my industry and more. I truly look forward to the next engagement and interaction with members.

First Deputy Director, National Agency of Investment and Privatization

Let me thank you personally and all the esteemed team of the ABC for this great event which was full of practical info, useful contacts and fantastic networking! It was honor and pleasure to be part of the agenda and I hope this practice will continue and bring good benefits to both ABC and the participants. Me and my team are happy to have long – term and friendly relations with the ABC and we will be also more than happy to welcome your team in Belarus! Look forward to seeing soon at the upcoming events and occasions!

Founder & Lead Consultant Altruits

Having witnessed the creation of multiple new deals and connections as well as meaningful philanthropic projects, each event brings together investors, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and members of the diplomatic community – to learn best practices, be exposed to innovation and the latest trends.

Co-founder And Chairman Of The Supervisory Board Quarero Ag

THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE is a great opportunity to meet business people from all around the world. With Quarero AG we were able to connect with new customers and start a Blockchain project.

Additionally I could connect some friends in the raw material business with members of THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE

Co-Founder – Key Africa

I welcomed to Israel yesterday Ahmed Youssouf of Sentosa Marines Pvt. Ltd., a fellow member of THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE for a week-long business and cultural visit. Our bonds were solidified last March when Key Africa and Sentosa entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the aquafisheries, mining, and livestock industries. His visit to Israel is the second step towards that commitment. My heartfelt thanks goes to the THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE for fostering this connection and creating a platform where bonds like these are possible.

Managing Director | Nemec-Tv GmbH

THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE is an outstanding project. Since the very first time I met you Dr. Raphael Nagel in Dubai Rotary Club of Dubai Cosmopolitan and you asked me to be part of your Advisory Board I have been able to meet many amazing people at the ABC roundtables and also get involved in UAE business. It’s fascinating to see your immense wealth of networking experience in practice as you build valuable and sustainable relationships and bring people together from around the world. Thank you much!

Co-Founder & CTO – Azamra Capital LLC

We Azamra were fortunate to be introduced to many businesses and partners in the UAE and worldwide thanks to THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE under the leadership of Dr. Raphael Nagel. For that we are grateful!

Analyst at EIGHTClouds Private Equity

Thanks to the ABC, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some incredible individuals and forge strong business relationships that have truly made a difference.

Founder and CEO, Lady Elizabeth Kelly & Co.

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable opportunities that have unfolded through this extraordinary network. Thanks to the Abrahamic Business Circle, I have had the privilege of cultivating invaluable business connections .This experience has truly been a catalyst for growth and success, redefining the way I navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

Head of Legal and Public Affairs – Davensi

I am delighted to share the success of the recent event organized by THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE in Dubai on March 21. It was an exceptional gathering of business leaders from various backgrounds, who came together to foster meaningful connections and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Head of Digital Learning & Content Strategy Knowingo 

Thanks to THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE we at Knowingo by OpenSpring were able to make excellent contacts and with the help of Dr. Raphael Nagel we were able to close great deals in the MENA region and also globally. We are looking forward for the next edition in Dubai.

Founding Partner – CryptoLaw Partners
ABC is a great event series. Really classy and sophisticated crowd. Attending and participating and help me generate real commerce and connections – and friends.
Managing Director – Ammara Zaya Capital UAE

As a Filipina entrepreneur navigating the complex terrain of Fintech and Blockchain, my exposure to the Abrahamic Business Circle (ABC) has been pivotal in my journey. Through ABC, I have cultivated a network of credible connections that have been instrumental in supporting my humble beginnings in the UAE. I am sincerely grateful to the Abrahamic Business Circle for introducing me to influential figures like Dr. Raphael Nagel and Franklin Redd Jr., who have been unwavering in their support during the early stages of our project. ABC provides a unique platform that empowers startups like mine, unlocking opportunities to reach full potential and achieve remarkable results. Thank you, Abrahamic Business Circle, for your continuous support and boundless encouragement. May your circle keep expanding and bring blessings to all involved.

Battery Engineer, Circunomics

I feel very fortunate and am thankful that I get to be part of this wonderful family. Through THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE I have been able to meet amazing people, travel around the world and gather experiences and career opportunities.

The people I have met there are nothing less than incredible! It is truly more than just a business circle, it is an incredibly beautiful family.

Head of Philanthropy Advisory – MBM Investments with HH Sheikh Marwan Bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum

Join at the Abrahamic Business Circle for an unparalleled networking opportunity. This platform focuses on the sharing of knowledge and building meaningful partnerships!
Thank you Dr. Raphael Nagel to promote the Values of tolerance through bussines .

Founder | California Metropolitan University

Thank you THE ABRAHAMIC BUSINESS CIRCLE for sustaining human connections for people and business development. Your initiatives have been vital for us to connect with new opportunities towards creating a mutually beneficial professional relationship.