Dr. Raphael Nagel

Founder and Chairman

A renowned Global Investor, Lobbyist, Author, and Philanthropist.
General Manager of a multi-award winning Private Equity firm based in Dubai. Financial Services CEO of the Year – UAE 2020

Dr. Tillmann Lauk (LL.M.)


Author of the book “The Triple Crisis of Western Capitalism – Democracy, Banking and Currency” (Palgrave-Macmillan, London / New York – 2014). Former Member of the Global Executive Board of Deutsche Bank. Founder & CEO of a Venture Capital Fund, which was awarded the “Best Technology Exit of the Year” – Europe 2003

Dr. Andrea Claudio Galluzzo


Entrepreneur, Attorney, Academic, Historian and Archaeologist. CEO at Hercules Holding, Chinese venture capital corporation based in UAE, and former President of luxury sector at Confindustria, the Italian Manufacturers’ Federation.