Joy Malka Rothenberg, Esq

Joy Malka Rothenberg is an international lawyer who is certified in mediation in both the United States and Israel and enjoys a double residency in both countries. She has dedicated her professional career to increasing economic diplomacy and human rights throughout the world.

Joy was born, raised, and educated in the United States and chose to have a second residence in Israel in recent years. Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, Joy has become very active in promoting respect, tolerance, and business relationships with new peace partners to Israel.  Joy currently serves as Advisor for the Abrahamic Business Circle and was awarded “Advisor of the Year 2020” by His Highness  Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum.

Joy is also a signatory of the Jordan River Water Covenant between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim governmental leaders in the United States, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, who are all committed to rehabilitate the Jordan lower river. She has received the distinct honor of Dame from Parte Guelfa of Florence, Italy, for her leadership in global peace initiatives between Israel and neighboring Muslim countries. She is the first Israeli Dame of Parte Guelfa .  

Joy has been recognized for her pro-bono work on behalf of Holocaust survivors and received the “Ohio Humanitarian Award”  from US Governor Robert Taft for her dedication to Holocaust survivors to help them obtain maximum appropriate compensation so that they can live life with greater dignity. She has founded Bet Tzedek of Boston in 1992 and this organization continues to assist hundreds of people living below the federal poverty guidelines in the Greater Boston area, including Holocaust survivors. She received an award from Michael Bloomberg for her leadership as a social entrepreneur for the establishment and development of Bet Tzedek of Boston. 

Joy is currently collaborating with the attorney Mark Zell, Head of the Republicans Overseas, and partner in the international law firm Zell and Aron on various international matters of legal concern.  She is also an advisor for several cutting edge companies that seek greater globalization. She has a proven track record of strategic intelligence operations with governments, interfaith communities, and human rights advocacy organizations.  Joy chooses to apply her unique skillset, open mindedness, professionalism, sharp analytical skills, and strong work ethic to engage in a wide range of matters that all emanate from a biblical directive of Tikin Olam, or making the world a better place.